Finantial Printing

About US

We are a Casino Group company present all over Brazil, as well as in Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina
through Grupo Éxito.Through our multiformat and multichannel business model, we bring together some of
the best known and most valuable retail chains and brands, such as Compre Bem, Extra and Pão de Açúcar, as
well as the private-label brands Qualitá, Taeq, Club des Sommeliers and Finlandek, among others.With more
than 800 brick and mortar stores and as leaders in food e-commerce in Brazil, we strive to offer our
customers the best shopping experience every day, whenever they want and wherever they are.

Our Purpose

We are passionate about customers, we strive to offer the best shopping experience in our stores, websites
and apps. In the context of retail, we aim to do things simple and well done, quickly and with the focus on
results. And always accompanied by innovation, a fundamental characteristic for us to continue leading the
digital transformation of the retail sector. Here we don’t procrastinate, we are a team of 57,000 protagonists
from diverse backgrounds who respect each other and, above all, are responsible for the story that we want to
narrate together.

Ownership Structure

The capital stock of GPA is represented by 268.4 million shares. Free float represents 58.4% of total shares issued.

Common (Millions) %
Casino Group 110.5 41.2%
Board of Executive Officers and Board of Directors 0.7 0.3%
Shares held in treasury 0.2 0.1%
Free-Float 157.0 58.5%
Total 268.4 100%